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Communications Materials

Portfolio of work produced in positions such as PR Chair, Communications Coordinator and Campaign Manager.


The South Asian Empowerment Coalition

November 2019

As Public Relations (PR) Chair for the SAEC, I designed all of their promotional materials. This is a flyer from one of our workshops. The focus of the workshop, which my co-founder & I taught, was on how colonial practices from British-India have a direct effect on South Asian identity, diaspora & community

BlueFootPrint Project

November 2019

As the Communications Chair of BFPP, I managed a team of two interns who worked on flyers and other materials. This flyer was created by one of the people I managed who was able to bring my message to life. I delegated multiple tasks to them and oversaw the creation of communications materials once I had trained them on our social media strategy.

I was the person who spoke at this presentation and ran the entire event.


SC&I: Public Relations

Fall 2018

As a Journalism Major with a concentration in Global communications, my academic background provided me the necessary training to become well versed in creating communications materials such as press releases. 

Below you can view a mock press release written for a PR campaign I worked on. 

Feminist Majority Foundation: News Blog Writing

Summer 2018

While my academic background prepared me for a role in communications, my work experience at non-profit's like Feminist Majority Foundation allowed me to put my skills to the test. You can view the daily news blogs I wrote for the organization's website.

FMF's blog has 50,000 weekly readers and my work was distributed beyond these channels as well. 

Feminist Majority Foundation logo.jpeg
Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 11.37.06

BlueFoot Print Project: Educate to Empower

Spring 2018

As Public Relations Chair of this non-profit, I designed and led the Educate to Empower campaign. This aspect educated people on human rights issues important to the Black & Brown communities we served. 

You can view the Human Rights Reports on their website. I created, edited and wrote for the BFPP website specifically their E2E page. 

Rohingya: Myanmar's Rejected

Fall 2017

In my early academic career, I began to combine my passion for human rights with my love for storytelling. This PR project designed to raise awareness on the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya people was a project very close to my heart. In my strategy, I used analytical software tools and specific news writing to build this educational site.

This site was featured in Smith College's liberal arts curriculum specifically in the first-years seminar on advocacy & social justice. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 11.29.07
Communications Portfolio: Work
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