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In Your Words

Writing & Tutoring Services designed to help the words flow.
We turn concepts on their head to bring you the best route to your written truth.

We here at IYW combine our purpose of helping people with the beauty of storytelling. Everybody has a unique touch and vibration to their story. Sometimes, the missing piece is that other person asking you questions you may not be aware are important to your mission, brand, professional goals, and growth.

Check out our services below to see how we can help you get a step closer to your goals! 

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Research & Course Creation

Business owners, brands, and creatives need research to get their newest projects up and running. You may be running low on manpower and time but that's where we come in! This service entails a 30 - 40 minute consultation on your research needs, a detailed outline, and a plan for clients creating their own courses. 

We do the research you need for you. In this service, our package with all the information you need propels you to move forward with your next steps! 

*prices vary based on client and project timeline. 


Our writers at IYW are well versed in various topics from business, tech, beauty, wellness, and even finance. Mannal Babar has written for small and medium-sized businesses. Some of these are minority-run businesses AVS photography and International A&P Accounting Firm. 

We provide services for email copy, website copy, and even contracts! Please click the button below to tell us more about your needs. 

*Prices are negotiable and work on a sliding scale based on client needs. 

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Digital Content Campaigns

We understand that companies, business owners & creatives could use the extra help in the world of digital content creation. 

Our service offers a comprehensive brand strategy for social media platforms of choice, works to understand the client's mission, and posts regularly on their behalf. 

The initial consultation is priced at a base rate. We assess our client's needs and jump right into creating a social media strategy for you. This will be sent to you at the end of the consultation.

If you'd like to inquire about this service, please contact us below. *Prices vary per client but a base rate of $15 is charged for the first consultation in this specific service. 

Tutoring, Essay Writing & College Consulting Service

Are you struggling to write that 10-page essay? Is your child having trouble in English at school? Is AP History or English getting harder with each assignment? Are you having trouble figuring out how to write your college essay? Are you not sure which major to pursue or how to figure out a career path?

IYW offers very affordable rates for assistance in papers and other tutoring services for college students, high school students, and other children. 

Our tutoring rate for subjects like English, Social Studies, and SAT Reading & Verbal Prep are $15 per hour. For our essay writing and consulting service, prices vary depending on client needs. 

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