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Human Rights & Advocacy Research Portfolio

Caught at the Crossroads of Violence: Human Rights abuses against Muslim women after 9/11

Spring 2020

In this Master's level course, I conducted research and wrote a paper utilizing UN documents exploring the intersections of gender and human rights. By looking at the human rights abuses that the Muslim women experienced living in a post-9/11 America, I unraveled these connections and saw the true nature of this hidden violence.

Do You See Me? The Invisible Woman

Fall 2019

A paper weaving contemporary examples in between feminist theory to explain the identity crisis that many South Asian women in America today face due to not being included in the country's racial macro-categories.

The South Asian Empowerment Coalition Proposal

Fall 2019

As a graduate of the Rutgers Institute of Women's Leadership Program, I founded an organization with a colleague. The South Asian Empowerment Coalition works to create a space for young South Asian women to feel seen, heard. It provides them with the financial and emotional tools they need to be empowered in themselves. 

This is the proposal that showcases my experience with managing administrative tasks like handling the budget. It also details my understanding of an asset-need approach to social justice issues and how one must use empirical

evidence when addressing a social problem and rolling out a solution. 

Human Rights & Theory: Work
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